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Bazinhold Ltd. was established at the beginning of 2009 by a team of IT specialists.

Since its establishment, the main goal of our company has been to distribute equipment from Motorola Solutions, a leading telecoms company, for wireless broadband networks in the Russian market. After the Motorola Solution division was sold to Cambium Networks, our company became an official distributor of Canopy products to CIS and Russian territories. As an official partner of Motorola Solutions and Cambium Networks we are glad to offer you the most up-to-date range of equipment from our warehouse in Moscow.

The history of Bazinhold began during the global economic crisis which resulted in budget cuts and a recession of sales. Taking the actual market situation into account, we made a decision to focus our efforts on dealing with one manufacturer and delivering the excellent quality of service to our customers, rather than providing integrated multi-vendor solutions and intense advertisement. This idea soon proved to be well received and defined the rapid growth of Bazinhold.

In recent years we’ve created the biggest warehouse of Canopy equipment in Russia to provide the smoothest and most consistent service and to become a stronghold of stability in an unpredictable environment. We support regular shipments of equipment to our warehouse directly from the manufacturer’s plant. This allows us to process all incoming client orders promptly and fulfill them in the shortest time. Our approach to business, based on our effort to establish long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, constantly facilitates the quick increase in the number of our customers.

At the moment Bazinhold Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the Russian Wireless Broadband Solutions market. Our customer base is constantly widening, companies from the whole of our country know Bazinhold from Magadan to Kaliningrad and from Novorossiysk to Anadyr. Canopy and MESH equipment we supply is set up in over 100 cities in Russia; and we intend to continue this rapid growth.

It is worth mentioning that all this has become possible because every Bazinhold employee maintains high quality standards in their area of responsibility. Reliability, rapidity and competence are of the highest priority for us. Our lines of communication are open to all of our customers. Our business practices are always honest and we always consider the market conditions. We are glad to offer you a friendly attitude, low prices and excellent technical consulting in the field of the Wireless Broadband equipment we supply.

We develop other business directions and offer a full range of Motorola Solution products for radio-businesses – professional radios MotoTRBO and TETRA, their accessories, and high quality repair services for Motorola products. Our company also carries out its own engineering surveying and has our own proprietary developments in the field of telecommunications.

We offer attractive conditions of partnership to end customers, regional dealers and system integrators.

Contact us:
Tel/fax:      +7 (903) 577-87-79
Mail: info@bazinhold.ru
Address: Office 136, 77-1, Shelkovskoye shosse, Moscow, 107207, Russia


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